Welcome to ApMar USA, Inc.Welcome to ApMar USA, Inc.Welcome to ApMar USA, Inc.Welcome to ApMar USA, Inc.

About Us


Metal Finishing Experts

 ApMar USA is one of the largest Metal Finishing companies in the Northeast. We specialize in servicing a multitude of industries including, but not limited to: Automotive, Firearms, Nuclear, Hardware,  and Electrical. We strive to satisfy our customers with quick turnaround, and consistently unmatched quality 



Offering polishing and plating in one location allows our quality standard to be applied across the board. Ranging from bathroom vanities, firearms, to the automotive industry, ApMar's quality control team is well versed in meeting the individual needs and expectations of our customers. 


Customer Service

ApMar’s dedication to their customers is second to none. We understand the need for rapid turn around time and superior quality and we do everything in our power to exceed our customers expectations.